Términos de uso y condiciones:

Legal mentions

Teach Corner S.r.l. With registered capital of 10.000€ - P.IVA 10720590966
Registered office: via Aosta 4, Milano (MI) - CAP 20155

General conditions

These terms have been translated from Italian into English, in case of losses in translations the legal reference is held by the terms in Italian
Users of the teachcorner.com site (hereinafter "Site") are requested to carefully read these terms of use (hereinafter "Terms") before using the Site itself as operated by the company Teach Corner S.r.l. (hereinafter "Company").
Access and use of the services provided by the Site (hereinafter "Services") are subject to acceptance and compliance with these Terms. The Terms apply to all visitors, users and those who access or use the Services.

By accessing the Site or using the Services, the user agrees to be bound by these Terms. If the user does not accept, in whole or in part, these Terms, he will not have access to the Services.
The Site provides services in favor of students interested in the evaluation of learning services and in favor of subjects interested in providing a learning service to any students.
These interested parties will be given access to their own virtual space for which they are exclusively responsible for its content.
The Company, as far as it can provide its Services with care and attention, is not able to verify the completeness and accuracy of such contents, nor will it be responsible for any error, interruption of service of the interested party, in accuracy, misleading or false information.

The user must be at least 18 years old to register on the Site, or, if a minor, be at least 14 years old, otherwise registration will not be accepted. If there is still a registration of said users, they will register at their own risk and the Company will have no responsibility for said registration and consequent actions or omissions.
By registering on the Site, the user can download, where available, the content uploaded by other users, possibly even free by using own credits on the Site.
The user cannot use the Site from a browser which, by its nature or for additional applications, blocks the advertisements delivered by the Site.
The interested parties must consider themselves as a user if they themselves request the Services.


The Services allow users to post links, store, share and make available certain information, text, images, videos or other materials (hereinafter "Content"). The user is responsible for the Content posted on the Services, including the legitimacy, reliability and suitability of the same.
By publishing the Content, the user grants the Company the right and license to use and exploit free of charge, modify, advertise, reproduce and distribute said Content over and through its Services. The user will preserve the rights on any Content posted on and through the Services the user himself must protect these rights.
The user guarantees that i) the Content is of his own property or has the right to use it and grants the Company the right and license as provided in these Terms and that ii) the Content posted on or through the Services does not violate any intellectual property, privacy or contractual rights and any other rights of other parties.


If the user creates an account through the Site, he/she must provide accurate, complete and current information at all times. Failure to do so will result in a breach of these Terms which may result in the termination of your account on the Services.
The user is responsible for safeguarding the password he uses to access the Services and for any activity or action related to the password, both through the Services and third-party services.
The user agrees not to disclose and communicate his/her password to third parties. The user must immediately notify any security breaches or unauthorized use of their account as soon as they become aware of them.

Users undertake to create only one account on the site. This profile can be modified and administered from the control panel made available to users.

User obligations

The User undertakes not to publish content that may:

  • committing, or helping to commit, a crime or an unlawful act;
  • contain information that cannot be disclosed in accordance with the law;
  • contain any information or reference that is harmful, sexually and/or religiously and/or ethnically offensive, defamatory, harassing, humiliating, slanderous, threatening, invasive in relation to the privacy of another User or third parties;
  • create a risk of total or partial physical, moral or mental harm to persons or animals;
  • create a risk to any person or property of any loss or damage;
  • contain viruses, computer codes, files or other programs designed and/or intended to destroy, damage or interfere with the proper functioning of the Site, intercept or make their own third party data or personal information, steal electronic correspondence and other documents from third parties;
  • contain personal or third party sensitive data;
  • contain information that is voluntarily incorrect, obsolete, modified or counterfeit.

The User undertakes not to keep sensitive data on the Site and to assume responsibility for the lack of protection of the information entered on the platform with the exception of personal data essential for creating the account.
The User undertakes to take the utmost care of the password without communicating it and making it available to others.

The User further agrees, once access to the Site has been obtained, not to:

  • stalk or harass other Users (including contacting Users for reasons other than to carry out reviews or private lessons, or which may in any way damage the Company's image);
  • collect the personal data of other Users for commercial, illegal, persecutory or harmful use;
  • post irrelevant contents, repeatedly post identical or otherwise similar content that would impose an unreasonable o disproportionate burden to the platform infrastructure;
  • engage in any activity that discredits the quality or compromises the functionality of the Site or the Services offered;
  • advertise any illegal service or distribute any items which sale is prohibited or restricted by any applicable law;
  • engage in any commercial activity not approved in writing by the Company.

The User may not enter personal data and/or images of third parties on the Site without having previously acquired the consent of the interested party for the personal data processing and must communicate the same to third parties.

Protection of minors

The Company does not operate or provide services to minors and, in any case, does not operate or provide services to minors under the age of 14, and does not intentionally collect information from such subjects. If the user finds that the Site is in any way offensive or disrespectful towards such subjects, the Company requests to be contacted immediately in order to analyze the details of what has been reported and to take action as soon as possible.

Use of the service

Through the Site, the User can purchase the recaps at a price that varies according to the number of hours. 24 hours before the departure of the review, a check is carried out on the number of participants: the review starts only if it reaches the minimum number of 3 participants, otherwise the User will be fully and automatically refunded of the money paid. You can buy the review up to 24 hours before its departure, after which it will no longer be possible. If the review was added to the cart, it will disappear.
Once the review has been purchased, the user can change his mind and request a refund by calling or writing a message to the number 3287786300 up to 48 hours before the start of the review. The user agrees not to be able to withdraw the reservation if he/she purchases the review within 48 hours before departure. The User also agrees that he/she has nothing to claim regarding the refund from 48 hours before departure onwards. Each particular case will be handled separately and it will be the Company to decide if the case is in condition to be refunded, even after 48 hours. In this case, it\’s always the Company to decide how to define the meaning of the word refund, if this will be paid in money or credits/coupons that can be used on the platform.

The User who decides to qualify as a tutor, in the continuation Tutor and creating his own reviews, takes the responsibility of keeping his word on the scheduled commitments. The platform will have the right to delete the account or to take appropriate measures in case of incorrect or unprofessional behavior.
The Tutor's earnings can be estimated according to the number of participants and the number of hours of the review, during the creation of the same. 24 hours before the start of the review, the Tutor will be notified if the minimum number of participants for the start has been reached. If so, in the Virtual Classroom will be communications of the lesson\’ details.
After the review, the Tutor will be able to redeem the earnings within the following 48 hours. The redemption of earnings is separate for each individual review performed.

The User who makes use of the "Virtual Classroom" will be able to share audio/video material. The Platform is not in any case responsible for what is shared in the Virtual Classroom, therefore Users declare themselves responsible for their actions carried out and for the shared material, as in reference to the "Contents" section of these Terms and Conditions. By participating in the review you accept the possibility of being recorded throughout the session.

"Satisfied or Re-prepaired" Guarantee

The "satisfied or re-prepared" guarantee is not intended to be at the discretion of the student.
In the case of the TOLC MED and TOLC VET tests, you are entitled to re-preparation if the score is such that it is not included in the ranking (score equalized below 10) or if it is insufficient: therefore below 60% (ranking percentile).
In the case of all the other tests, students are entitled to re-preparation if the score is such as not to enter the selected faculty.
Finally, in the case of university exams, you have the right to re-preparation if you fail the exam.
The review sessions can be recorded to provide more guarantees to the participating students and in this case we offer via link, for those who request it, the recorded version of the review. The review will remain available online for 10 days at the link provided, after which it will be automatically deleted.

Termination and suspension

The Company may terminate or suspend the user's account, without prior notification or responsibility, for any reason, including without limitation the violation of these Terms.
In case of termination of the account, the rights deriving from the use of the Services will cease immediately. If the user wants to terminate an account, he can simply stop using the Services.
Any provision of these Terms which, by its nature, should persist in the event of termination must persist to the same, including and without limitation, provisions relating to ownership, guarantees, indemnity and limitation of liability.


The user agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its licensors and licensees, employees, external collaborators, agents, executives and directors from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debts and expenses (including, but not limited to legal fees) resulting from or arising from a) use and access to the Services by the user himself or another person who has access to the account and password; b) violation of these Terms or c) Content posted through the Services.

Intellectual Property

The user is aware and accepts that the Services may include materials and information protected by copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights.
The user therefore undertakes to respect these rights and not to compromise in any way their exercise by the legitimate owners. The Company reserves the right to close the accounts of users who violate the intellectual property rights of others.
When a user believes that he has suffered a violation of his intellectual property rights, he must personally report the same to the Company, so that the Company can identify the infringement and the material in question, by written communication indicating the description of the work protected by copyright and/or copyright that is believed to have been infringed, the description of the material claimed to have been infringed, the address, telephone number and e-mail address of reference.
Users guarantee that the contents published by themselves on the Site do not violate the rights of third parties of any nature, including without limitation, those relating to intellectual property, advertising and privacy.

Limitation of responsibility

The Company does not make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, correctness, authenticity, compliance with the law of the contents and materials present on the Site and does not assume any kind of responsibility for them. The Company also makes no guarantees regarding the success of the ideas promoted through the Site, nor in relation to the quality of the Services offered.
The Company cannot guarantee the identity of the users with whom it is possible to interact while browsing, using the Site and the related Services. The user acknowledges and accepts any risks deriving from the use of the contents on the Site.
The Company is not responsible, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence, for the activities that the Creators operate on other sites, portals, social networks or in all cases of online and offline promotion of the Services. The user is responsible for the aforementioned published contents, for the private messages sent and for all activities related to his/her personal use of the Site, including any damage or loss resulting from his actions to the detriment of third parties. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible in any way for damage caused directly or indirectly by the Services provided.
The Company is not involved in any disputes or negotiations or disputes that may arise between users and third parties. In case of a dispute, the Company, its officers, employees, representatives are expressly exempted from any claims, damages and requests of any kind, known or unknown, suspected or not, disclosed or confidential, derived directly and/or indirectly.
In no case is the Company responsible for the malfunctioning of the Services offered caused by faults in the telephone lines, electricity lines, online transmission tools, overloads, interruptions or any cause not related to its behavior.
The Company is completely unrelated and not subject to any type of responsibility and obligation with regard to any fiscal, accounting and/or tax aspect related to and/or in any case attributable to the management of the amounts agreed between the Professional and the Creator. The Company does not offer to the public, a purchase recommendation, or brokerage or brokerage business.


The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. If there is a substantial change, the Company will notify it within 30 days before the actual modification of the Terms. The Company reserves the right to define what is meant by a substantial change.
In any case, if following the actual modification the user continues to use or access the Services, the modifications will be considered accepted. If the user does not accept these changes, he/she must stop using the services.

Contact Us

The Company can be contacted for any request, information and clarification regarding the Services offered and the contractual conditions of these Terms through the e-mail address info@teachcorner.com.

Applicable Law and jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by Italian law.
Any dispute arising from or in connection with these Terms will be devolved to the Court of Milan, which will prove to have exclusive jurisdiction.

The User, given the provisions of art. 1341 cod. civ., declares to have read and expressly accept these Terms and related clauses: "General conditions", "Contents", "Account", "User obligations", "Protection of minors", "Use of the service", "Termination and Suspension", "Indemnification", "Intellectual Property", "Limitation of responsibility", "Changes", "Contact Us", "Applicable Law and Jurisdiction".