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in this section we will show you how the new Ripassi platform of TeachCorner works
We will go by points, one step at time. That your reviews and your preparation for the admission tests, begin!

How can I find the Review I need?

In homepage, click "Start Now" and you can filter the results

  • By subject, using the top search button;
  • By type: "All" or only "Recorded" Reviews;

In addition to the listed results, it is possible to check on the homepage the reviews in evidence (usually reviews that are about to start).

How much does a Review cost?

The Review has a variable cost based on the number of hours, usually the price is between € 9 and € 10/hour per student, with the exception of ongoing promotions, or the use of discount coupons.

Can I cancel an existing reservation and receive a refund?

Yes, but only 48 hours before the starting date of the review, except in particular and justified situations. Please refer to the terms and conditions on how to request a refund.

What happens if the review does not reach the minimum number of participants?

Each student who purchased the review is automatically refunded.

Where does the lesson take place?

The lesson takes place online, in the TeachCorner virtual classroom, to ensure quality, comfort and organization. The classroom link will be provided 24 hours before the start of the review and will be visible in the "Booked Review" section. However, the user will be notified also via email.

How do I enable my profile to create reviews?

To complete your profile, you must click the button at the top right and select the "Profile". You will have to verify your email, upload a profile photo, fill in the description and insert the information useful for completion.
Now that the profile is completed, it is necessary to define the type of review and/or help in the preparation of university tests you want to offer.

How do I create a new Review?

You have to click the button at the top right, select "Create new review". You will be directed to the page that will ask you to start profiling your review, by entering:

  • Your home University;
  • Your course of study;
  • The exam subject for which you offer your availability or the admission test of the faculty.

After that, choose the number of hours you can dedicate to the review activity. The choice are:

  • 3 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 9 hours
  • 12 hours

Notice: in the case of a review lasting a total of 12 hours, you can choose to divide it into sessions of 3 or 4 hours

Beyond the review's duration, choose also number of students of the review group. It can consist of a minimum of 3 participants up to a maximum of 25. Indicate your personal maximum number of students.

Right after that you'll find the section "Your potential earning". The earnings of your Tutor job is calculated automatically and depends on the hours and the number of participating students. You will receive payment directly from the platform.

Now, you are in the Description section. In the available field, you will need to describe what you teach and how are you going to do it. Try to follow these guidelines:

  • write what your review is about and how you plan to prepare students to pass specific exams or admissiontests of university faculties;
  • be clear* about the topics you intend to encounter. Students will be more likely to contact you knowing what you are most prepared for*;
  • Specify if there will be any extra material for students and how can they interact in any Q&A sessions.
  • Just talk about your knowledge and teaching skills, without going overboard in detail that can divert attention from what you offer.

Hereafter, you should be in the Certification section, which allows you to send a document that certifies your weighted average, present or past, if you are a graduate*.
If you have taken a grade higher or equal to 28 in the exam in question, or you have the average of 28 (valid only for admission test), our team can certify your reviews. To proceed, upload as an attachment a photo of your Una grading book with your name and surname clearly visible. An additional qualification that will allow you to make your Ripasso stand out.

Well, you have completed all the steps necessary to create your Ripasso (review of that particular exam or of that given admission test). You can create multiple Reviews for other subjects or for other admission tests. Your knowledge is well appreciated on Ripassi.

Now, you can click the Next button to continue with the scheduling.

How do I schedule my Review sessions?

Ripassi allows you to schedule the dates and times of your Review for exams and/or preparation for admission test, in full compliance with two criteria:

  • your personal availability;
  • within the exam day of the course of reference or the dates of the admission test.

Specify the dates, the start and the end time of the lessons. Dates and times are provided by system together with the Virtual Classroom access link, the video-conference system Ripassi, of TeachCorner, offers.

Where do Reviews sessions take place?

Once you have reached the minimum number of participants for your Reviews or preparation of admission tests, you will be able to meet students inside our Virtual Classroom, a system of high quality video conference including all the useful tools to repeat and teach all kind of subjects. In addition, you can send and share notes and useful material for the lesson. The access links to one of the rooms of the Virtual Classroom will be provided to you and to students based on the scheduled calendar.

How do i get my payment?

After completing the Review, the Tutor will be able to receive the payment. In the section "Your bookings", you can click on the "Redeem earnings" button. Or, go to the section "Account", click "Payments" and redeem the fee, which will be credited to the given coordinates previously.

Earn more money by saving more time

By investing your energy in study sessions with multiple students, you can make more money and optimize your free time. All this, comfortably from home, and without even the need to write down the dates of the reviews, because it will be our job to do it and remind you all via email.

We wish you a pleasant stay on Ripassi by TeachCorner and for any doubt or uncertainty, we invite you to contact us via

We are always available to help you, dear Tutor.