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With group reviews you optimize your hourly earnings
  • No subscription fees to the platform
  • Automatic management of student groups
  • Average earnings of 40€/hour

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Creating reviews with us has its advantages


Increase your hourly earnings and optimize your time by reviewing a group of students.


The management of bookings and the creation of the review group are in platform's charge.


You could do your reviews comfortably at home, connect to the virtual classroom, you will have the tools for management and control.

aula virtuale

The virtual classroom is the tool we offer you to carry out the reviews in a safe and controlled way.

How does Ripassi work

Create your Reviews

Complete all the fields necessary to create the review you offer. Your earnings will be calculated automatically.

Schedule the Review

Schedule the Reviews sessions according to your availability and within the dates of the exams or tests. The platform will handle the rest based on information you provided.

Do the Review

24 hours before the start of the review session, you will be provided with the link of the Virtual Classroom where you can comfortably carry out your work with the students enrolled in your review.

Receive the payment

After completing the review, in the Account section just click the "Redeem earnings" button and receive the payment on your account.
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During the review's creation you can get an estimate of your earnings, by entering the number of participants and the hours of study dedicated.

How do we support


Tutor's reviews will be bookable by students, easily from the platform. Based on the availability indicated, the service will organize the groups of students and create the virtual classrooms necessary for the sessions, sending the access links 24 hours before the start of the review.


Our team is always ready to support the Tutors, thanks to a Customer Support service available on our platform.
For further information you can consult our guide in pdf: LINK